Friday, August 27, 2021

Recently expanded to include Top 64 QB's, 164 RB's, 220 WR's, and 119 TE's. No Defense or Kickers.
Last Updated: 27, August 2021.

Select scoring settings, enter your players name below, select if he is a starter or not and press "Add Player" to display in depth custom stat projections and rankings based on your scoring settings for your fantasy football team.

This program ranks your team by comparing your team to the best and worst possible teams using your settings. For the best results (it doesn't matter in the end but more interesting as you go) enter your players in the order they were drafted. AND MAKE SURE YOU SET THE # OF TEAMS correctly.
Draft Analyzer is a completely free program that assists in drafting your fantasy football team by suggesting picks and predicting the picks of your opponents to give you an edge. This program can also be used to simulate random mock drafts. Draft Analyzer uses average draft position (ADP) data from either standard or point per reception (PPR) leagues of various team sizes. Last Updated: 29, August 2021.

Different prediction types include: Best available by ADP, Optimal One Pick Pick, and Optimal Two Pick Predictions.
Click here for more about draft analyzer's features and predictors

How to Use
1. Enter in the number of teams, roster settings and scoring type in the league settings table.
2. Begin drafting players. Type in the player name and click the "Draft Player" button.
3. If you want to make a prediction for the current pick, select your prediction type and click the show prediction button. Predicted picks are in italics.
4. If simulating a mock draft use the "Mock Pick" button to randomly simulate the next pick.
5. When your draft is complete select your team number and click the "Rate Team" button to export your draft to the Rate My Team Program.

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