Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Recently expanded to include Top 64 QB's, 164 RB's, 220 WR's, and 119 TE's. No Defense or Kickers.
Last Updated: 05, July 2016.

Select scoring settings, enter your players name below, select if he is a starter or not and press "Add Player" to display in depth custom stat projections and rankings based on your scoring settings for your fantasy football team.

This program ranks your team by comparing your team to the best and worst possible teams using your settings. For the best results (it doesn't matter in the end but more interesting as you go) enter your players in the order they were drafted. AND MAKE SURE YOU SET THE # OF TEAMS correctly.

Also if you are interested in assistance during your own fantasy football draft visit the Analyze Fantasy Football Draft Predictor
Scoring Type
Offense, Individual Players
1 Passing Touchdown = Points 1 Point = Passing Yards 1 Completion = Points
1 Rushing Touchdown = Points 1 point = Rushing Yards 1 Rush = Points
1 Receiving Touchdown = Points 1 point = Receiving Yards 1 Reception = Points
1 Thrown INT = Points 1 Time Sacked = Points 1 Two Point Conversion = Points
1 Kickoff TD = Points 1 Punt Ret. TD = Points 1 Fumble Lost = Points
1 PAT = Points 1 FG Made = Points 1 FG Missed = Points
1 FG (0-39) yds = Points 1 FG (40-49) yds = Points 1 FG (50+) yds = Points
Defense and Special Teams
1 Sack = Points 1 INT For TD = Points 1 Fumble Ret. TD = Points
1 Kickoff Ret. TD = Points 1 Punt Ret. TD = Points 1 Block (Punt/Kick) for TD = Points
1 Block (Punt/Kick) = Points 1 Interception = Points 1 Fumble Recovered = Points
1 Safety = Points (0) Points Allowed = Points (1-6) Points Allowed = Points
(7-13) Points Allowed = Points (14-17) Points Allowed = Points (18-21) Points Allowed = Points
(22-27) Points Allowed = Points (28-34) Points Allowed = Points (35-45) Points Allowed = Points
(46+) Points Allowed = Points (0-99) Yards Allowed = Points (100-199) Yards Allowed = Points
(200-299) Yards Allowed = Points (300-349) Yards Allowed = Points (350-399) Yards Allowed = Points
(400-449) Yards Allowed = Points (450-499) Yards Allowed = Points (500-549) Yards Allowed = Points
(550+) Yards Allowed = Points Games In 1 Season = Games # of Teams in League Teams
Type a player on your teams name. i.e. "Andre Johnson"


High Yield Soldier said...

Like it,thnx for the effort

Charles said...

I'm sorry, but the fact that I can't find the EXACT formula for the spelling of my defense makes this entire application worthless.

Kevin said...

@Nick, It says no DEF's and Kickers at the top of the page because most sites don't do projections for kickers and defenses. If you want to follow my advice I will give you a 0 for your kicker unless you took him in the second to last or last round :P. And as far as your backup problem, there is a button that says "Starter" if you tick that button they are a starter, if you don't tick that button then they go to the bench.

@Charles, I shall try to explain it here, A 100 consists of the top ranked player at every position for your first pick, then for every pick after that to maintain a 100 at every position you would need the ( (# of teams-2 or -1 depending on position)*(number of players you've taken at that position not counting the player you just entered) + 1) ranked player. So for example in a 10 team league you would need the top ranked player, 9th or 10th ranked player, 17th or 19th ranked player, 25th or 31th ranked player.... ect at EVERY position.

Now a 0 consists of the ( (# of teams)*(number taken at position +2 or +1 depending on position) +0to3 depending on position) Ranked player at every position. So in a 10 team league you would have the 10th ranked, 20th ranked, 30th ranked, ect player at each position (or some variation depending on position).

In order to calculate in between that I just scale the score of the players so for example if you only entered one player, the 5th ranked RB, then his score would be in a 10 team league, ( (5th ranked player score,your player) - (14th ranked player score) ) / ( (1st ranked player score,your player) - (14th ranked player score) ). Once multiple players are added then it just sums up the team scores or position scores (so replace 5th ranked player score with your team score and 1st ranked player score with 100 score team point total and 14th ranked player score with 0 score team point total).

So as you can see the formula is tough to describe as its not that simple. Hopefully that made some sense to you, any other readers feel free to ask questions.

Anonymous said...

nice tool! haters gunna hate!! keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

neat, thanks

Eric said...

How do I put in my defense?

And thanks!

Ryan said...

So if I am not mistaken you accounted for the round by round declination by ranking? (10th ranked player meaning the top player in the second round)?

Not to be critical, but......since the difference between the 10th ranked player and the 20th ranked player may only be a difference of 20 to 30 total fantasy points a year there is too much of a penalty applied. 30 total points over a 14-15 game season only equates to a 2 point per game delta. It may be more feasible to use a point comparison to maintain an economy to scale.

Great job though thanks!

Kevin said...

Responding to Ryan:

The 0 to 100 ranking can be harsh for some positions where the variance in the top ~20 player is very small but this is really only a problem when you don't enter your entire team. If you only enter a few players the ranking can be harsh but it does average out as you enter your entire team.

I think that this is okay because if for example you only enter 1 RB and he is the 6th ranked RB then that RB should be ranked a ~70 (in a 10 team league). While that running back is obviously very valuable in fantasy football he is still a ~70 when ranked against the top 14 RBs (in a 10 team league).

Also I should note that it is possible to score above a 100 or below a 0 (in team or position score). But this is very unlikely in a real draft (or mock draft).

Anonymous said...

I need some help here (I'm in a bit of a tough situation as to who I should start. I'm in a "Score Only" league with standard 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and a K.

My team is:
(QB) A. Rodgers (GB)
(RB) L. Blount (NE)
(RB) R. Hillman (DEN)
(WR) J. Edelman (NE)
(WR) D. Adams (GB)
(TE) V. Davis (DEN)
(K) Hauschka (SEA)

My backup (RB) is a nice handcuff with Blount, I have.....

(RB) D. Lewis (NE)
(WR) W. Snead (NO)
(TE) R. Rodgers (GB)




Psycho6568 n/a said...

greeat program only lately when i SAVE my team and then go to SEE it in another browser..it comes up a DIFFERENT team..not the one i saved.

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