Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nobody wants to be the guy with the team name "Team lastname". You'll be known as uncreative. That will make it look like you don't care about your league! So change your name from the default for the sake of us all.

If you can't think of your own fantasy football name then take a look at the list below, you could find the name you've been searching for. Or spark an idea of your own. Some are funny, some are serious, its just a mix of solid team names (there used to be 50 but I expanded the list most recently prior to the 2014/2015 season). Got your own ideas? Leave them in a comment.

Fantasy Football Top 50 Team Names List

New for 2014-2015 Season
High as Josh Gordon
Sherman Incompletion Act
Jamaalocaust Survivor
Demaryius Targaryen
Pete Carol's Bubble Gum
Shopping at Lacy's
Time to Grow up and become a Manziel
Clowney, the Circus Centerpiece
99 Problems but Big Ben Ain't One
The Bridgewater Connection
Prepare for the Clinton-Dix
Cecil Pants
Red Hot Julius Peppers
RGIII With A Healthy Knee
Every Kiss Begins with Clay
Corn Cobb Pipe
Don't Touch my Johnny Manziel
The Johnny Cleveland Show

Past Team names
Hernandez Pistol Offense
Geno 911!
Corn on the Cobb
Stafford Infection
Belichick Yourself Before You Rex Yourself
Brady Gaga
Manning of Steel
ABC, It's easy as RGIII
Victory, It's easy as RGIII
Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe
Marshall Law
Hernandez' Hitmen
Hernandez lost his Tight End
Merry Until I listened to Berry
Shefter's Source
Foxboro Murdersquad
Blue Bubbalicious Barbarians
Aaron's Accountants
Armed Rodgery
A Little Bush On My Johnson
Welker Texas Ranger
Tootsie Sproles
Sproles Royce
I Pitta the Fool
The Blair Walsh Project
Power is Measured in JJ Watts
Cruz Control
Charles in Charge
Honey Nut Danarios
Can't keep a Blackmon down
A Blackmon stole my Marcedes
Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles
It aint easy bein’ Breesy
Wam Bam Thank You Cam
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
Make It Wayne
A Rivers Run Suh It
Final Dez-tination
Forsett Down Her Throat
Something to Ponder
I Ponder the Thought
Foster's AustrARIAN For Beer
Julio Think You Are?
Russel Sprouts
What Would Jones-Drew
Victorious Secret
Harder Better Foster Stronger
Touchdown Overdose
Reggie's Bush
Kibbles N' Vicks
Locker Room Fantasy
Joe Buck Yourself
Fourth and Long
The Courtesy Flush
The Gangsters of Love
Purple Monkey Dishwashers
Romo Witten His Pants
Leadership breeds Championships
The Ball Hawgs
Yesterday's Corn
Eating Yellow Snow
I've got a huge Peterson
The Uncle Rico's
Multiple Scoregasms
Multiple Gore-gasms
Romosexual Tendacies
The Rusty Trombones
Slob on my Cobb
Give Me the Damn Remote
The Smooth Love Machine
Old School
The Original Whizzinators
Wardrobe Malfunction
Ricky Williams's Brain Cells
Ricky's Lungs
72 Dolphins
Hail Mary
Motor City Megatron
The Truffle Shuffle
Angry Soccer Mom
Cellar Dwellar
Gronk if your Horny
Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
Eight to Fiver
Dirty Sanchez
BEN There Raped that
Deers N' Beers
We Got Osama
The Boldin the Beautiful
The ShawShaincoe Redemption
The Revenge of the Dogs
The Other A-Rod
Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
Smoke a Bowe, Drink a Forte
Pink Panthers
Bench Warmers
Look at my huge TD's
Show me your TD's
Revis and Butthead
50 Shades of Ray
2 Mannings, One Cup
Titsburgh Feelers
Lockout Dropouts
The Replacements
All Hail Tebow
Rice Rice baby
Forte Year Old Virgin
Vilma, the Bounty Hunter
Rated R for Gore
DeMarco Polo
Brady and The Tramp
Wanna Gronk?
Hush Lil Baby Jones-Drew Cry
Jersey Leshoure
Too Legit to Britt
Rex, Suggs, and Gronk n Roll
Henne Given Sunday
White Cassel
Wine Her, Dine Her, 49er
Maclin on Your Girl
Dez-ed and Confused

Leave a comment below if you think you have a better name!


Anonymous said...

"duh" winning!

Henry Bishop said...

My Team names this year is "Lock Out with my Cock Out"

arguello74 said...

von miller time

Mitch cockrell said...

Mine is hurpe milkshake

Anonymous said...

Ponder My Balls

Anonymous said...

Taint Misbehavin'

Anonymous said...

Vick's Pound

fantasy football said...

A dynamic and uncommon fantasy football team name is needed definitely. It can give us inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Backfields and McCoys

Anonymous said...

Johnny Cleveland's Steamer

Anonymous said...

Michael Sam <3s Sacks

Anonymous said...

Where's Johnny?

Anonymous said...

I'm Barry St Germain

Anonymous said...

I Cam in my Shorts the 3rd

Anonymous said...

Lacy's TD Parade

jveley said...

It's Mike Vick in a box

John Hendrix said...

Sankey Panky

Nick Faucher said...

It's either Zimmer me

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